I am an interaction designer and an engineer with 15 years of experience designing and building natural user interactions with hand tracking, gaze and face tracking, speech recognition, various sensors, controllers and machine learning. My passion is coming up with creative solutions to interaction challenges, making interactions more human, delightful and based on people’s needs.

As a team leader and an individual contributor, I built experiences for various platforms, from VR, vehicles and wall-sized displays to PC apps and games.

Though I love being hands-on and building new things, I am used to wearing many hats where I develop the vision, communicate to stakeholders, form internal/external partnerships and help a team grow.

In my past PhD life in human-computer interaction at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (University of Illinois at Chicago), I investigated how ultra-high resolution, wall-sized displays serve as a shared digital medium for transforming collocated group work. During this time I designed and developed novel multi-user, multi-modal interaction techniques and collaborative tools for such displays. The result of my work was in use by over a 100 research and industry sites around the world.

Aside from professional interests, my curiosity in understanding how complex systems work has led me to learn about the human body and the spirit. In other words, how to live a healthy, happier and a more fulfilling life. As you can imagine, this learning will never stop. I love to spend time in nature with a mountain bike, skis or a camera, appreciating what nature gifts us and yet we rarely seem to have the time to appreciate. I was also very active in the car community, building, racing and hacking cars.

I have worked at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, Intel RealSense, consulted for NASA Ames, all in Silicon Valley in California. I was born in Zagreb (Croatia), I lived in Pennsylvania, Chicago, California, Barcelona (Spain) and currently I live in London (UK).