Track Days

You can think of autocross as the gateway drug to the race track. It’s safe, nobody gets hurt and the worst that can happen to your car is you break something (or it catches fire as it had happened). But on the race track everything is different. You reach speeds of 200+ kmh and any mistake you make can hurt you or even kill you, let alone destroy your car. Almost every track day event I went to, somebody destroyed their car. And it’s not cheap because you use up tires, brakes and fuel very quickly on the track. But man is it fun! It’s very physically demanding and after a 30-minute session you end up really tired, especially if it’s hot out. Improving your track driving is harder than autocross because crossing the limits here costs you dearly and this brings fear. So you need to inch closer to the limits without crossing them, all while keeping your fear in check. It’s quite a personal challenge.