Dragon Voice Assistant

Dragon Assistant is a voice assistant for Windows PCs developed in collaboration between Intel RealSense and Nuance.

I was the lead UX designer from the Intel side for two iterations of the product responsible for idea generation, UX design direction and partly the UX research.

Throughout my involvement in the project, I was focused on increasing the value of the product by proposing and advocating for the features that would really take advantage of the strength of voice interaction. In other words, shifting the focus of the product to enable features that are contextual and normally require multiple steps (e.g. while looking at a webpage you can say “share this on Facebook”). Additionally, I was advocating for a much lighter visual interface given that we had a wake-up word (e.g. Hey Dragon) reinforcing the idea of an assistant when and where you need it. ​ ​To arrive at the final product we did many iterations of the dialogs and countless user studies which gave me a deep appreciation of the problem of voice interaction when combined with the technological challenges at the time (2012).

Dragon Assistant v1
Dragon Assistant v2