Exploring Future In-Vehicle Experiences

Tools: C++, Qt, QML, JavaScript, Arduino, laser projectors, gaze-trackers, depth cameras

I led a cross-disciplinary team at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development of North America, with the mission of exploring new user experiences inside our vehicles, particularly focused on novel input and output technologies using various sensors, cameras and feedback mechanisms.

Cross-disciplinary team

Since the team consisted of interaction designers, software engineers, hardware engineers and design engineers, we were able to investigate concepts from all perspectives:

We produced concepts, functional prototypes, vision videos and user research.

2021 S-Class

While I am unable to publicly show specific projects, some of our work has already begun trickling down into production vehicles, like the 2021 S-Class.

At the core was the concept of Intelligent Interior that used various sensors for contextual understanding of the occupants and their activities.