A Multi-user, Multi-modal, Distributed Interaction Framework

Tools: C++, Python, OpenGL, wxWidgets, networking

At the Electronic Visualization Laboratory we developed SAGE, a framework for displaying multiple applications across large, high-resolution displays and any number of computers over the network. Because of this innately distributed nature and the unique requirements of wall displays, there was a need for new interaction paradigms as well as the UI and tools to enable such interaction.

​I wanted to allow multiple people to interact with a shared digital medium like a wall display in a way they would with a giant whiteboard. However, a wall display, unlike a whiteboard, gives you all the benefits of a digital medium, like moving things easily, copying, sharing, deleting, saving, organizing different types of content (videos, images, text, websites etc). Since nothing like this existed that will span multiple computers, I designed and developed a distributed UI framework appropriate for tiled display walls that:

Constantly in Use

These tools were constantly in use in our lab for classes, meetings or work. This allowed me to iteratively add improvements based on my observations of real-world use. Furthermore, they were used by 100+ institutions all over the world.

Regular classes were held in the space
Domain scientists meet to analize data
University-level committee meetings
Regular weekly lab meetings with updates
Remote collaboration sessions
Talks and presentations